Made In The Dark / Solo show / Dorothy Circus London

Really happy to announce that my very first solo show in London, « Made in The Dark », will take place at Dorothy Circus Gallery ! Opening on March 26, until April 26.
Dorothy Circus Gallery London, 35 Connaught St, St George’s Fields, London W2 2AZ UK
“In the year 2020, with the new exhibition programme titled ‘Mirrored Souls, the year of Love’, Dorothy Circus Gallery will be invested in revealing a new face of love, as a reflection of the love that we have encountered in our journey; a love that is as delicate as a glass mirror, yet as intangible as a reflected image.”
My vision of love will obviously be bittersweet.
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Cuadratura at Galeria Kreisler / Madrid

GALERIA KREISLER / MADRID / OPENING TONIGHT SEPTEMBER 17 / ‪UNTIL OCTOBER 1‬For the « Cuadradura » group show. « Cuadratura » goes MAD! En media hora quedará inaugurada la colección « Cuadratura » del Museo … Read More