Love Endures Group Show – Stolenspace Gallery – London

Amandine Urruty - Stolenspace Gallery - Love endures

StolenSpace Gallery is pleased to present ‘Love Endures’, our February group exhibition highlighting the various interpretations of “love” amongst a diverse and exciting selection of artists.

Love: an intense emotion of affection, warmth, fondness, and regard towards a person or thing. Love encompasses both light and darkness, from unconditional familial love, kindness and compassion for others, to all-consuming paths of love and lust. It can be powerful in all of its goodness, or turned into a vice in which people are lead down a path of obsession. This exhibition explores all aspects of love; from bright ignitions to twisted interpretations, to love amongst nature and culture, expressions of love from the “cute” to the “kitsch”, and everything in-between!

One of the most common themes in the creative arts is love, due to its all encompassing power and existence in everything we do. Tokens of love have their place in art between friends and lovers, from the crafting of Welsh love spoons, to intricate paper ‘puzzle purses’, and the textural beauty of a woven love knot. These expressions have evolved from love notes carved into stone, to postcards, emails, text messages and sliding into the DMs…the common thread of self-expression is found in each unique interpretation.


Artists exhibiting: Alanna Eakin • Amanda Banker • Amandine Urruty • Aysha Nagieva • Benzilla • Carrie Reichardt • Ceal Warnants • D*Face • David Bray • Dreyfus • Eloise Dorr • Erik Minter • Evoca1 • Gary Stranger • Hattie Stewart • Keya Tama • kyeong Hoon • LUAP • Miss Van • Murmure Street  • Otto Schade • Ryan Callanan • Ryan Roadkill • Shepard Fairey • Simon Monk • Sofia Enriquez • Steeven Salvat • Sylvia Ji • Xavier Casalta • Yohta Matsuoka

Each artist exhibiting in ‘Love Endures’ has their own personal expression of love in the exhibit, whether it is a love found in a hobby, a personal memory,  emotion or obsession, each piece will touch hearts this February, and be a reminder that “love endures” throughout the ages.


SHOW : 16 FEBRUARY – 17 MARCH 2024
17 Osborn Street, 
London, E1 6TD
United Kingdom
P: +44 (0) 207 247 2684

Above : Baby it’s you, 50×70 cm, graphite and charcoal on paper, 2024