In Dark Inspiration II – Victionary Publishing

Amandine Urruty - Dark Inspiration II - VictionaryI’m happy to appear in Dark Inspiration II, a book freshly released by Viction:ary, amongst many great artists.
I had the chance to make the cover and write a little foreword for it.

About the book :
Fascination and fear for the unknown and uncontrollable in life has been a recurring theme in art. That mystical feeling often leads to a strong internal urge to explore the depths of human souls. To artists, the uncharted territories set no boundaries for imagination. What seems to be an eerie, apocalyptic world is only a truthful reflection of actuality in these artists’ mind.

Tapping into the uncanny domain of grotesqueries and the occult, Dark Inspiration II is a rich profusion of bone-chilling art created by more than 50 artists worldwide. Childhood reveries, aged folklore and mysteries, and morbid fascination with death and mental pain juxtapose to examine mortal sins, existence and human relationships with the universe. Encompassing illustrations, sculptures, installations, photography and set design, the sensuous collection carries forward the ritual of its first volume to amass a variety of dark and mournful expressions that are at once alluring, bewildering and inspirational to peruse.

Editor: Victionary
Specs: 170 x 220 mm, 288 pp
Format: full colour, softcover with jacket
Release date: April 2016
Language: English
You can find it here !

Amandine Urruty - Dark Inspiration II