Smoke Signal 21

Thank you Gabe ! You can find Smoke Signal in his awesome library, Desert Island.

Smoke Signal is an Eisner-nominated free comics anthology published by Desert Island.  Historically Smoke Signal has been eclectic and submission-based, edited by Gabe Fowler with occasional guest editors. Most recently Smoke Signal has shifted to a series of curated solo artist issues, focusing on artists without books in print in America.  The paper is always free in NYC and available via mailorder for a few dollars.

Smoke Signal 21

Cover by Al Jaffee
40 pages, edition of 6000, published March 2015

Includes work by :
Anthony Ballard, Marc Bell, Tyler Boss, Peter J. Brant, Melissa Brown, Aisha Franz, Matt Furie, Leah Hayes, Jesse Jacobs, Keren Katz, Travis Millard, Billy Miller, Valerie Schrag, Avi Spivak, Otto Splotch, Amandine Urruty, Oli Watt

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