Amandine Urruty - Smoke Signal - Desert Island - Brooklyn
Smoke Signal 21

Thank you Gabe ! You can find Smoke Signal in his awesome library, Desert Island. Smoke Signal is an Eisner-nominated free comics anthology published by Desert Island.  Historically Smoke Signal … Read More

Popper #9
I’m in « Body Frequencies » – Popper Publishing

International artists: Stéphane Prigent (France), Brendan Danielsson (USA), Shoboshobo (France), Mathieu Desjardins (France), Saddo (Romania), Tom de Pékin (France), Tellas (Italy), Emmanuelle Pidoux (France), Ian Stevenson (United Kingdom), Raymond Lemstra … Read More

Amandine Urruty - Hey #20
I’m in Hey ! #20

So happy to appear in Hey! #20 ! In summary : Pierre & Gilles / Gabriel Grun / Amandine Urruty / Jacques Pyon / Time : tattoo art today / … Read More

The Drawer - Vol. 7 - Le Rire
In The Drawer vol. 7 !

I’m really glad to appear in « The Drawer » vol.7, amongst great artists… Avec Nelly Ben Hayoun, Pim Blokker, Davide Cascio, Claude Closky, Colin Cook, Martí Cormand, Denicolai & Provoost, Mark … Read More